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Playbook for change leaders

How to communicate with your employees through change for better and faster outcomes

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74% of employees were willing to support organisational change in 2016 compared to 38% today (Gartner)

This playbook takes you through the tried & tested Rungway method of communicating change. Top-down broadcasts don't cut it anymore, your people need to understand the rationale behind change and why it's happening. Leaders vastly underestimate the amount of communication really needed to get your people bought-in. Our step-by-step guide helps change leaders plan and execute a more effective change management communication strategy.



Assess your peoples' readiness for change

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Widen the diversity of perspectives you're hearing

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See what's really going on within your organisation

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Use data and insights to make better decisions

"No one ever came out of a transformation programme saying, 'well, we communicated too much on that one'. There's never too much communication and that starts with the C-suite"

Chris Barrett
Transformation Director, Babble

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About Rungway

Rungway gives you actionable people insights that help you make organisational change happen. We help bridge the gap between leaders and employees through authentic and always-on 2-way conversations that surface previously unknown bottom-up feedback, whilst delivering unique data on your people so you can track your progress and react quickly when you need to.


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