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A monthly bitesize soundbite for business leaders wanting to learn and lead through organisational change better, brought to you by Rungway.

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Julie Chakraverty

Julie Chakraverty started her career in investment banking, before becoming the youngest female director of a FTSE 100 company.

She launched Rungway in 2017 with a mission to level the playing field at work when it came to speaking up. Rungway is now used by over 100,000 employees globally across leading organisations. Julie has a wealth of board experience, having served on multiple boards including Santander UK and ABRDN; she is currently the Senior Independent Director and Chair of the Risk Committee for the global cyber security firm, NCC Group.

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lisa harrington

Lisa is a tech executive and has spent 25+ years growing and transforming business mainly in education, infrastructure and technology sectors.

Her passion is helping purposeful businesses that have a positive impact to communities and lives. She is Board advisor for Supporting Education Group; and a  Non Exec for both Truespeed Ltd and Digital 9 Infrastructure Plc. She is a Trustee of the children's literacy charity, the Children's Book Project.

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About Rungway

Rungway is a platform that enables open communication between employees and leadership through anonymous posts, moderated by our team. It allows for diverse perspectives and insights, while providing unique people and trend analysis to help leaders make better decisions, and increase employee buy-in during any organisational changes.

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